Fumi healthy diet foot in the field,
only the foot, exercise,
Increased energy metabolism, bowel movements,
smooth, it will be.
Feel free to make the the horizontal foot,
retrain the muscles, prevent, Trouble is,
Do not worry.
Health and law, but is almost a daily basis,
continue in effect, Demonstrate,
but the busy modern people, making the effort,
consuming, Continuity is difficult,
where the location of the tools, time, money and,
Not need a health law, and referral.
It is a horizontal foot, but the field in the foot,
only, Exercise.
The point is that the thighs of the ground (floor)
and horizontal until the increase.
And one set, 20 times the foot of the mornings
and evenings, two sets from the beginning,
When used per month, 10 times, 70 times to 80,
80, the end of 3 minutes, preferably 70 to 80 times,
constipation and the effect of an immediate result.
Horizontal foot, a thigh, horizontal up to the belly,
side of the spine, Iliocostalis muscle and internal organs,
under support from the diaphragm, and pelvis,
his muscles, Be trained. As a result, these muscles,
adjoining the large intestine and small intestine,
stimulated, In addition, full-body exercise, because the blood circulation is better because of it, It works, it works. And, bowel movements, smooth,
it would be.
In addition, blood circulation, the better, I said,
but BUN, Throughout the body, energy metabolism,
increasing the body fat, decrease,
Obesity and improve the effect of it.
So, to keep in shape, expect the young woman was,
of course. Lifestyle-related disease, and worry about it,
the way the aged are suitable for you.
And, above all, the momentum from a small,
old people, recommended. At first,
holding on to the wall, slowly, so I begin, please.
I'd like, wrong, diet, obesity and constipation, Call.
Japan and Western countries such as the diet fad,
In with them. Indeed,
obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes,
such as the cause, so Extreme, fat or not,
as you noted, TAISETSU,. But, especially young women,
but many, it is health, Not to disregard them,
however, slim, figure to become a reckless,
Diet, you, have, I can not agree with.
Exercise and calorie counting, in order, YASEYOU,
what, anyway, eat in the extreme,
reduce the Very dangerous things.
Body and functions are not working for the necessary nutrition,
ingestion, It can not, constipation and diseases, become.
These days, constipation person,
FUE and the women, 70 percent of the smooth,
With through, but no, that people suffering from the data,
so there.
This is a fad diet, relationships, but there is no?
And worryingly, this amount of people,
constipation of the disease, Realize it,
but that is fairly serious, disease, By definition,
not having the anxiety, feeling, Masu. Constipation,
but we of the body,
how much of the negative impact of the effect of,
or As you know,
or will be, constipation,
flights are long and intestines, and never sit in,
Fermentation, and start over,
and the body against the harmful material to occur, .
The harmful materials,
flight, contained in the water along with the intestinal wall,
Absorbed into the blood, melted, into the future.
And, the blood,
TOKETA toxic substances in the body over the place,
you would be over.
Extra material, join, all it is, blood, the flow of arrears,
And cold, muscle, dust, causing the. In addition,
all over the body, swelling easily, will be the entire body,
toxic substances,
BARAMAKA that since the metabolism of the sick,
such as skin, Chapped, skin, in it. And,
headache and fatigue, as well as the wall, and the cause.
Thin, clean-up is a regular life,
can send an important role.
Diet, I, swelling and skin problems, such, beauty,
Trouble in the wake of the forest for the trees.
Even so, in fact, weight, falling, they are still good,
Many of the flights, has become the crowded,
and the amount, weight, Reduced MASEN,
increasingly, the lower abdomen, swelling up,
it should come from, Efforts, such as his, as if not,
it is a good idea?
In addition, constipation, it is scary, KUSE, prone to, it,
Intestines, stool, but that lot, intestine,
but they get used to, Urge to defecate, likely, less likely,
or has had, as well as bowel and stool, Those surveyed,
the ability to exercise, would decline, constipation,
Become chronic, each time. Therefore, he, medicine,
rely on, even the medicine, have been used,
On one's own is no longer a bowel movement, it would.
Yes, because, first, diet, regular, well,
Eating the food content, vegetables, a lot of the portfolio,
Nutrition, balance, maintain and moderate, exercise,
that is. These are the well, protected if people are around,
constipation, be it. However, such as diet,
and even though the constitution and the disposition of,
but Influence, constipation, some people in the world,
and some, busy modern people,
Once again, regular as clockwork, life, honor, and difficult,
here is the elimination of constipation,
for all means to the actual, performed,
Effect, people had the experience, while ORIMAZE,
introduced. Can range from a try, myself, suits,
how to find, Again, you will find, and constipation,
clear and resolve them,
And swelling of the lower abdomen, said the extra,
weight, gradually, I dropped, please.
How exercise is quite easy.
Large, waving hands and right leg, thighs, and the floor,
horizontal until the increase, Toe from the ground.
Now, left, thighs, and the floor,
horizontal until the increase.
This is 20 times, repeat, it's simple. The life-stories.
Every morning, before eating, 400 times, the foot,
3 days, constipation, has been eliminated. Constipation,
worsening the four years ago, enemas,
can not nurse her, Fingers,-scratching, out of me round.
Later, we managed for themselves, defecation, but,
as the doctor in charge, The teacher, tell me,
I got a horizontal foot, started. I have every day,
before breakfast, 7 to 8 minutes, 400 times, to the foot,
Started a few days later, daily breakfast,
Let after a bowel movement, Something like that,
and after six months, there was 170 millimeters,
blood pressure,
(normal blood pressure, the top is a 130
millimeter and 85 millimeter below),
Hanging on the horizontal foot of the effects are so,
was surprised.


Kung Fu, diet, is an image, Tai Chi, type,
Landscape practice, reminded me.
But kung fu is that the more a hard feeling, but,
describes the piece.
First of all, Kung Fu, that is, Chinese,
and Hong writing, Japanese devised them,
which means that, from everything,
To acquire, preserve, the ingenuity, sense, Ken,
and protect, and kung fu, From the disease,
meaning to protect the highlight of the Qigong.
Kung-fu, martial arts techniques,
and health effects of the two sides, you may wish to have,
There's a rhythm of music, In a cart,
that, through breathing, Physical and mental,
HAKATTA harmony and fitness.
Most of the work of the four forms, that is,
four beats, configure and 4-beat music,
classical and China, folk music,
riding on the The spacious,
MAY decided to form the lock,
according to the HAGESHIKU sweat,
Can I wash and feel good and feel the rhythm, form,
Decided, thank you. Points as the pelvis, movement,
hands and feet at the nerve to And focus on the breathing,
not stop it is important, In addition, right,
left and the same number of respectable,
it is, Very important.
And beautiful, large, determine the shape,
then it is of secondary importance, No problem,
The above points, to stimulate the muscles,
bones, correcting distortion,
and the The autonomic nervous system,
work to trim the tips. And, to increase metabolism,
body and spirit, force, force, Extra fat to burn the thing.
, And then the upper body, SHIBORU, exercise,
Ken palmar oblique sporadic low-bearer
(of KENSHOU nearer nameko mushroom brush)
and If you read Chinese characters, sort of, understand,
AMASU, (A KENSHOU nearer nameko mushroom brush),
exercise, Let's explain.
First, from the right
(if left in the hands of all the contrary).
Leg, shoulder length, slightly bigger, open, standing,
arms at the elbow, bending, Left elbow,
above the shoulder, right elbow, and under his hands,
bread, Sound, fresh from the fit.
Back to the left, while twisting the left side,
on your right, under the expanded,
Chest, and open it with both hands BIWO it,
well, to bend it,
conscious of the The palm of the enemy's punches,
jab pay, image, Sat in front of a twist, lunge, taken out.
Right hand, pull the throat and protect. Forward,
the extrusion on the left hand BIWO see the inside of the bend,
On the shoulder, raise your right hand,
he said, before extrusion, Both hands to spread,
posing a puzzle.
To the right, 2 minutes, Left, 2 minutes.
Next, postures, buttocks and small, slim,
wipe the GIWO said, aim, Exercise. That is,
before I kick, but hey, as the image, Feel scared,
but the Healthy diet, so the description of the piece.
Others, such as martial arts
and hand-work is not his body, on the SUTTO,
Raising the leg straight,
you just to concentrate on the Body Contouring,
The right to get started.
Feet, shoulders much of the opening of the same length,
to the right leg, followed by a draw.
Center of gravity in the middle, like the standing, Masu.
Aside, at last count, Ken placing it in control.
Waist, 90, and the lump in one, tap on the left leg,
toes, looking toward the outside, Simultaneously,
right knee bent, lift the leg, chest close, From this position,
only to the knee, stretched out before the kick.
Legs, stretched to forget or upper body,
to sway the momentum, No, that's fine.
Extended knee, bent his hands, spread, posing the back.
At this time, toe, but straight to the ground,
face, as awareness of the ---.
In addition, feet, higher than the increase,
knees and toes, Straight up, stretch,
but it is very important.
, Let's do our best.



Last, balance balls, continued to talk.
, Tilting the pelvis ago, after tilting motion of knitting
an explanation.
Ball balance the stability of the sitting,
MASHOU, FURAFURA, to ensure that no Firmly,
balance ball, SUWARIMASHOU.
In his hands, light and thighs on the front of MASHOU.
Then, before tilting the pelvis, slowly, stand up,
extended leave, The entire upper body,
light and lean forward, so that the Let's listen.
Next, the pelvis, slanted back, it slowly, back arched,
Full tummy, to pull back, pelvis, back, tilted and Masu,
Then, slowly, beginning now.
This, I repeat 15 times, MASHOU.
Pelvis, side bending movement in the Balance Ball,
sat down firmly, Stability, as ramrod-straight,
straight face, front view, orientation, MASHOU.
Both hands, thighs lightly on the ball rolling.
This, pose the basic stance.
To the pelvis, left tilt poses the upper body,
ramrod-straight, until the only pelvis, Slowly left,
listen, as far as I listen, listen, salted cod,
Let's go back to basic position, which, 15 times, enough,
Similarly, tilting the pelvis to the right,
which is also 15 times repeatedly and MASHOU.
Next, exercise the right and left OSHIRI
pretended pretended movement. OSHIRI to the left,
stick out postures, balance ball,
Stable and sat down in the state,
slowly and OSHIRI to the left, Stiff, anything,
when the two arms, thighs on the ride, Difficulty, up,
if you wish to With both hands, next to open,
it is also recommended.
Next, OSHIRI to the right to the stick out of poses,
OSHIRI in the right direction, Slow, stiff, my back,
round to be careful, 15 times, followed by ---.
Points as the OSHIRI, a protruding, please check.
Fast, side to side, OSHIRI,
waving, rather than slowly
and OSHIRI to stick out his left or right movement,
is spread wide, Effect of the increase.
Healthy diet, in effect, just a blind,
Rather than exercise the first, body distortions,
it is dissolved, First,. For many years, living habits,
had distorted the body, balance ball, Using exercise,
the correctional wire. , The spine, exercise,
and invoke the MASHOU. His abdomen,
the ball, hops into a pose.
Knees bent, face down on the ball,
owns, including the MASHOU.
Bend, we off a pose in the hands
of the ball while pressing the Bend and off,
this time, spit breath, ---. WANSETTO,
20 times the target. Next, arm, EKISASAIZU.
Ball sat down, one hand on the ball on you a pose.
One hand on the ball on every other,
when your hand at the previous direction,
The elbow,
bending slightly, to the side of the SHIMEMASHOU.
the ball in the palm of a hand
in holding down the OSHIRI to float up a pose.
Palm the ball, squash, OSHIRI to the ball,
Like they float up, this time, spit breath, ---.
WANSETTO, 20 times the goal of the good.
At least, gave her a lot, exercise daily, continue, Body,
distortions and repair,
such as poor physical condition, has been freed,
Healthy living, and OKURERU both,
Healthy diet, get it.



Balance Ball, a healthy diet to the body,
Get. In particular,
young women, many of the distortions coming from the body,
is in bad shape.
The distortions in the back of the balance ball is the best.
The ball is in balance and trendy merchandise in the diet,
no. Exercise physiology,
was born from the correct theory,
exercise equipment, Fitness, people are not interested,
start in a lighthearted mood,
Balance Ball, brought the movement to wake up,
More comfortable and healthy life, enjoy.
The balance of the ball, what can we do.
To correct distortions,
FASUTOEKUSASAIZU the worrisome part of the screw,
Intensive , and so on.
Unbeknownst to the poor posture of the body is distorted,
or fell immediately,
Already injured or sick and the balance you.
The ball is in balance, it was not until the physiology,
The new theory from within. First, diet, four, points.
Diet, in order to succeed,
is an indispensable part of the four.
That is, aerobic exercise, resistance training, stretching,
diet, 4. Meals a day to 1600 kcal and over,
must not have a problem, and the KOTA, No,
but it's more important is the remaining three.
And aerobic exercise,
energy, but when oxygen is involved in,
It's movement, walking, jogging, cycling,
Such as swimming, aerobic exercise. Fat-burning,
non-aerobic exercise, can not. Then, resistance training,
but muscle mass and increase the basic metabolism,
You can raise your aerobic , endurance, high.
Stretching, muscle training, the muscles tight,
it wind down,
Fatigue material is eliminated more easily understood,
aerobic exercise is a long way to the Will be,
Balance Ball, training, the large, two effects,
and One of the body to correct the distortions,
one for the good muscle balance,
State, catching back,.
Balance Ball, chastened by the muscles,
muscle training,
chastened by the AUTAMASSURU
(pectoral muscle and abdominal muscles,
the gluteus maximus, the large muscle)
than During the INNAMASSURU the small muscles.
So why the ball in the balance, diet, possible?
INNAMASSURU the body's balance, control,
so that the muscles are, well, if not the body,
is causing distortions, However, the abdominal muscle,
not fat, but is out of luck, I'm, out of the country,
he said, annoying symptoms, and why now.
As in the past, resistance training,
each of the major muscles, to train individually,
Muscle and other "muscle each other in harmony,
in conjunction with the move," an Work is not born,
so, however, it may muscles,
Or let fall a bit,
the body's direction, the only change, Injured,
or is this muscle, in conjunction with, but it is bad,
and why.
In contrast, the ball is in balance, one exercise,
Once the various muscles,
can be used in conjunction with the By this,
aerobic exercise, the effect of the increase,
and, Distortions of the correction that the blood circulation,
and often, Fatigue material is eliminated more easily understood,
fatigue, hard to do, active, Action can be,
to become active, calorie consumption has risen,
Basal metabolism, get the. In other words,
balance balls, hard-to-fat and skinny-friendly,
Constitution, because the diet, and easy to succeed,.
Select a ball, and watch. First, ball, please sit down.
Feet, but whether one's firm, and the knee,
a look at the angle, Knee, to 90 degrees is ideal,
the size of the ball. Knee, will be 90 degrees or higher,
yes, exercise the degree of difficulty, but lower,
Beginners and older only,.
However, those of the legs, that it firmly on the floor,
but the condition. How much the knee,
but also 90 times more than the floor, feet,
beyond the large bowl and,
Instability in the balance that is incredibly difficult.
My knees are the ones who are below 90 degrees,
the ball is too small, knee and hip, Disabilities, prone,
in the event.
The ball with the body, to correct distortions,
FASUTOEKUSASAIZU, Do it. Healthy, diet,
in order to achieve an effect, a blind, Rather than exercise,
in part, distortions in the body, can eliminate the top priority.
For many years, living habits and distorted his body,
balance ball, using the Exercise, the correction time.
One-legged knee-up, pause to keep the balance ball,
sit in a firm, Slowly, one-legged up to his knees,
my back on the curve, not Stand up straight, keep,.
FURAFURA, not to balance a ball, sat down firmly,
's Legs stretched out, ramrod-straight, face,
straight face front, At this time, hands,
thighs on the light dusting of the floor on foot, Knee,
will be 90 degrees, just the right order of magnitude.
One foot up and become unstable, for balance, my back,
Curve, no, your feet, not high, stationary, spine,
Straight, keep,. Keep up parallel to the one-legged pose,
hands outstretched to the body's balance, Legs stretched out,
and the floor, to be parallel. Balance Ball,
sat down with both hands, next to widen, but,
Before the exercise, one knee up, keep pause,
rather than It is unstable, it should be,
I'm the emphasis on the well-SUWARIMASHOU.
This exercise is a pause rather than keep up on one knee,
a high degree of difficulty.
Legs stretched out,
parallel to the floor until, gradually raise the first,
Parallel to the floor until it is no longer up,
And get accustomed to, in parallel, so that up.
Up in 10 seconds or so, keep your feet, ---.
First, two story, but still, tell you, Exercise,
be able to the next, followed by the Balance Ball,
to talk,.


Diet and the difficulty, the effect can not,
I bet, ○ ○ the blame. ○ ○ that, I tell you what,
the identity of the cellulite.
Diet, the enemy, it is, you know? Well, I cellulite, who.
And, from that, let us proceed.
Cellulite is, after puberty, fat people, thin people,
Most of the women DEARIMASHI phenomenon
seen in the subcutaneous tissue,
Due to poor circulation, as it should.
The surface of the skin, like an orange, to be uneven,
visually, Just bad, or skin,
but causes husky,. Cellulite, but the fat layer,
more and thickness of the increase,
This is cellulite, is trying, however, to the diet,
Exercise with them, fat and waste, but not metabolized.
In other words, it is losing weight, lower body size,
there is no change, Cellulite the cause, there.
This cellulite, get rid of the bad blood circulation,
improve, Need, there. Improve poor circulation,
effective in the warm, such as massage,
It is a good idea to continue.
Cellulite is the daily diet of many animals and substance,
Water intake, but not enough,
lack of exercise are the cause. , Cellulite, in any way,
show up?
Women after puberty, how fat, thin,
how far, most of the women,
Westerners in the latest survey,
adult women and 80% of the way, seen,
it is. As a cause of the just,
said there is poor circulation in the skin tissue.
Cellulite symptoms, buttocks and thighs, easy,
The surface of the skin, like an orange peel,
it becomes bumpy,
(Europe and the United States,
"ORENJIPIRUSUKIN," being called) After the skin,
GASATSUI. Poor circulation to improve as a warm,
massage, Continue the good.
Cellulite is a feature,
and one that can further hamper circulation,
Between fat cells,
clinging to a further chunk of the growth in the others.
Diet and
, the fat, waste, collagen, Cellulite is compacted,
metabolism, but not made. Cellulite,
and the location where the temperature is lower.
Cellulite is a difference between obesity
and the fat cells,
to release from the vessel,
Waste and collagen, to solidify the temperature is,
Deafen now. Poor circulation to improve as a warm,
massage, continue.
Swelling of the diet and exercise, the drop spicy,
Have the capillaries,
fat cells are suspended in the waste and there,
attached to the water, Collagen,
and consolidate it in a special fat that.
It is a plague many women,
the cause of one of Rino Hutoshi lower body, Age,
as seen from the late 10s.
Cause swelling of the lymph type
= lymph swelling, muscle movement,
Flowing, and aging, lack of exercise, the muscles,
decreased, Lymph in the remainder of water,
Type = swelling circulatory function kidneys, liver,
and the weak side, low blood pressure,
and who have a cold, Frequent,
kidneys, the liver is weak, as urine, water is excreted,
Choke, it is seen.
Hypotension, should have a cold,
for low blood pressure, kidney, liver acting, worse, become.
Type = swelling diet diet for a source
of protein intake is reduced,
The role of water in the body's adjustment to the production
of albumin,
ess, and And the overabundance of water.
And swelling of the tissue fluid, lymph, skin tissue,
accumulated large amounts of state.
Sleeping when the water is distributed in the body and face,
in MUKUN. Happening when the water is lower body,
building up, because the foot, in MUKUN.
By swelling, symptoms of the Bears.
Face, swollen and dark circles in the water, builds up,
for the capillaries, blood vessels
and pigmentation by the thin skin under the eyes,
Black, see-through that phenomenon.



Daily, easily, continue the exercise and speaking,
We can, squat, EAROBI, This, in the house,
a little bit of time, diet, Reasonably, continues.
Want to diet, but I have no time,
I want to go to the gym, impossible.
That the problem? I would,
at home CHAOU do the talking.
Night in the morning on their own time,
can be combined, Your child is small,
I, can be firmly diet.
At home, you can exercise in the squat and ladder climbing.
Hey, conservative? But imagine, just sag,
no, Remember, perfect.
Muscles throughout the body, 80% of us use,
exercise, daily life and health, Deep-related, thighs,
the muscles in front of the quadriceps muscle, Thighs,
back muscles, HAMUSUTORINGUSU your glutes,
gluteus maximus, Calf muscle,
the back of the erector spinae muscles,
the muscles of the lower body of a big,
Most of the hardened, Straight to the stand,
squat, do the right attitude, Executive body,
the group also uses the abdominal muscles.
Standing at about shoulder-width stance, slowly,
parallel to toe the straight bend,
Thigh, parallel to the floor until the bend,
PARARERUSUKUWATTO, preferably ideal.
TSURAKERE, bend 90 degrees,
even HAFUSUKUWATTO, Back slowly,
this time to complete the wall, muscle tension, keep,
Muscle during the hypoxic state, the training effect,
even up to 10 times.
Back My back is straight, hump back,
the stress is a big, expensive. Barbell, shoulder,
the special care and upper body, is a good tip to.
Knee Stick to one knee to the inside, the woman,
medial knee is easy to get into, knee, toe before,
Out, the burden up to the knee,
easy-to-please note taking.
Heel Heel, do leave the ground, is strictly ankle,
heel rise it is, Stance on the shoulders of about 1.2 times,.
Toe To toe,
except for the bow-legged on the gluteus maximus,
rather than to use it in the gluteus, Thighs,
the inside effectively.
Breathing Smoke when the knee bends, when they rise up.
Arm Arm on the previous state of dress and conduct,
and around the neck (trapezius muscle), the exercise.
Balance, helps take the shoulder, fatigue, dissolve,
Stance Stance,
and narrow the use HAMUSUTORINGUSU well,
but Too narrow and unstable,
and even narrow shoulders to guide me.
When and how do we do that? To the KOTAEMASHOU.
Without force, and so do your time, Pace, that's fine.
Toothpaste time of the effective use of what, what?
Also, fill out the effect of a change also feel that, that's fine.
The burden of knee and thigh have to be thick,
it also is concerned, Impossible without the own pace,
This time, the use of the more it will be also,
In the morning, walking 50 times during the night,
Bathroom, 50 times, Toothpaste between doing it.
Approach is the leg, it just spreads, toe,
knee before the turn,
From the kneeling position for the first time,
to sink half-point (deep SHAGAMANAI). Thighs,
the changes have really, it was perfect, jeans, Loose.
Too loose, but also from a deep squat, effective
and 1 month, 4 kg, YASEMASHITA.
Next, the up-and-bath, dry hair, few, HAZUKASHIKU,
write about, but in six months, 6 kg reduced.
Body fat is 30 percent, reduced to 20 percent strength,
Thighs, 5 cm, hips, 6 cm, reduced.
West is the original thin (but self-diagnosis).
It's not careful, squatting slowly, that he is in power,
that awareness.
This way, every day, uphill bath, the body of a warm,
and squat.
Reasonably possible number of times, 30 times,
slowly, and work in the weight, 1 month, 1 kg reduced.
Best of all, thighs, really, it felt tight.
The following should happen, when, 50 times a night,
take a bath before, 50 times, Squat,
waist jeans and thigh However, the loosely.
Body fat percentage, 30 percent, as it cut the body ages,
And strength is on the move, but if you hang yourself out.
Hands, a set of ATAMA behind, crawling on the chest,
and chest muscles, the abdominal muscles,
While consciously did that.
There is a good, feel free to do the part.
Conservative views, reports. Squat,
ladder-climbing exercise,
it is common to the Both boring I know, the interesting,
but not at all! Continue to exercise longer,
I need the will, motivation,
How to maintain the important.
Monotonous, boring exercise, but I do not,
you know the frustration,
Something, and the goal of making them, great.
Goal is to lose weight, the rate of decrease in body fat,
it does not matter what. Ladder climbing, table height,
10 cm from the start of a low load, Six months later,
the 20-cm me, and still do. Achievement of the set goals,
it headed,
or how to approach the Clear whether the check
and says it will make.
By exercising his own, what has changed or not,
keep in mind.
But some, the number is better, it is the next movement,
motivation, Routed. In my case, the long-term goal
is to win a game that was, Short term, and increasingly,
heavy barbell, be able to lift, That is heartening.
Extreme and say, the weight is not forthcoming today,
Rise tomorrow, I have.
Every training, things like strength measurement.
Training by yourself tomorrow, today's self,
rather than better,
The ambition to have the strength and ability to give,
it is the goal. Movement itself, as a test of strength,
it's nice to use. Squat, climbing ladder,
and have no ambition, will continue, May be tight.
Without inertia, which, it should be better, he thought,
It was really good to realize that while it is continuing,



Slender arms-thriving I arms,
thank you attract the attention of the arm, as furisode,
Arm fat, plenty, after PU, PU later, Do not worry, no?
The movement is the tightening arm to the entire arm,
and SUKKIRI a slim, Effect there. Daily,
TSUDZUKERE the show, in the arm, sleeveless,
Be able to wear it. So get started.
Natural standing,
both the palms to the front for his hands down the stretch.
Confound hand inside
and around the outside of the elbow
is opposed to turning the inside of the upper arm, the turn.
Still, 10 seconds, mission-critical applications.
The movement to do every day, mainly as arm,
Overall arm,
the muscles are stimulated by the burning of fat
and you should be.
1 month, TSUDZUKERE, furisode, such as arm,
it can dissolve.
Also, the shoulder muscles, stimulate, shoulders, fatigue,
and the elimination of the will. In addition,
the mere mention of the woman if anyone, Dream, but it?
However, the vague, and even motion, the effect is waste.
It is a muscularly chest, it does not stimulate the clavicle.
Now, the movement to get started.
The legs are spread slightly open shoulders,
knees slightly and bend.
Covering the chest and upper body, straight,
posture and maintain.
Arms are open and the palms before the turn.
From the state, while palm inward rotation, arms back,
Then, the clavicle and always, you should rotate.
To this, 30 seconds, set and the third set,.
This, performed in the chest muscles,
a moderate stimulus and Bust up, and realize, a presence.
Moreover, it is also the movement of the shoulder,
shoulder, fatigue, eliminate SHIRU. Also, the arm,
is expected slimming effect.
Back to the lean, or on the buttocks, and hanging them,
Sloppily, DARA and to the sight of others.
However, it entitles you to the back of a lean fall,
hip-up effect, Can be expected.
, The addition of the hip-up,
plus the back of the spare tire.
First, face down, NARIMASHOU.
His hands, face next to bring the position, a bit of face,
The legs is a natural feeling.
Left leg and unfolded state,
the reasonable extent,
have the right collection
and And reconvey the same guidelines, and right leg.
This, as a set, every day, 10 set.
Scapula, in the waist, so have the effect of stretching,
Every day, do, and we lean back.
The buttock muscles, a moderate irritation,
Plus, hip-up effect, can be expected. In addition,
hip movement, so the low back pain,
you should see improvement.
Circulation in the lower body, well, tired constitution,
lightening. Work started the relevant people,
including the evening, and close to, They wipe GIGA,
swollen, who is not less.
However, this exercise is a calf, to stimulate the muscles,
and promote blood flow, Swelling, fatigue, eliminate up.
Well, in turn, now let's sleep.
Feet of natural feeling, please growing,
as is the BITO or feet, Feet, like on the ground, looking,
And still, 10 seconds and maintain.
The following is a toe, so turn on your feet or BIWO,
KAESU. And still, 10 seconds and maintain. This,
three, repeat, good.
Calf, blood flow, metabolism, up to the calf, swelling,
Eliminate your tired, no, go on. Also, every day,
keep in GIKARA they wipe their feet or BINIKAKETENO,
Already lean and slim, in the leg, we should be.
Moreover, in many BIWO feet,
effectively moving the lower body, the cold also effective.


Basic is the body's health. A body,
each part of a healthy, Parts of the space.
Well, the basic support to the pelvis, out of alignment,
as well as poor posture, I also fell out of metabolism,
as a result, fat burning SAMASEN well,
Spread more easily.
Pelvic misalignment,
correctional and increase metabolism to work,
every day in practice, if Good attitude, and yet,
a hard body fat.
Well, actually,
let's running.
Rather than shoulder length legs spread
open to the stand knees slightly bent,
Parallel to the floor and your arms up
so that the two elbow is bent at approximately 90 degrees,
Palms toward the outside, pull chin, ramrod-straight,
chest out, Stay in a posture of the two elbow to pull back
and forward to return, This, every day, 10 round-trip run.
Pelvis, spine distortion correction,
and the left-right balance of muscles well,
Even up the metabolism,
better posture and body fat difficult. Shoulder
and arm exercise will be so tired shoulder
and arm fatigue has been resolved.
Also, chest out, bust-up effect,.
Underclothed as they become someone's mood,
PO KORI and left lower abdomen.
Oh, This exercise is a great effect to tighten the lower abdomen.
Daily years, a slim waist and realized.
Well, in turn, go to bed with both hands,
please count on the back of the head.
Cross-feet (to be on the left leg) on the floor
and about 90-degree angle, Lift.
When your butt off it. If possible,
please also stretched feet, still three seconds,
OROSHIMASHOU feet. The same procedure,
this time, to be on the right leg and run.
In this way, alternating left and right cross by foot,
each run by one fifth. Lean burn the lower abdomen,
the abdominal muscles are strengthened disposal,
slim and trim, West realize, TSUDZUKERE one month,
Around the waistline, and refreshed.
Lumbar muscles to be strengthened,
so as to improve the prevention of back pain.
Circulation in the lower body well, and the cold, clear up.
Then, deep breathing, unnecessary, meat, NAKUSHIMASHOU.
Shallow breathing
and blood throughout the body ACGIHThreshold
LimitValue the society refusing,
Also reduced the metabolism, increasing by the diaphragm,
Deep breathing, may be effective, and the abdominal stretch,
Basic operation, his stomach and upper body
as much as possible, KAESU the way,
Up arms to the state, can only face up.
When the diaphragm to increase the lift on the way back.
Still in position, keep 10 seconds,
and prone to the condition, 10 seconds weakness.
This, perform three sets. Breathing deeply,
and the whole body is burning fat easier,
The effect of tightening the abdomen,
around the waistline,
Clear, and. In accordance with the intestinal functions,
to be active, relief of constipation,
You can expect a good attitude,
and the cats to come back even better.
You are you, what?
TSUITARA once, falling hard to the side of the bulge.
Worse shape upper body, will be a major reason.
This exercise is the side of the spare tire, down effect.
Bust also made upholstery. With his right knee,
left leg on the ground, standing knee state,
Right knee angle is 90 degrees is ideal.
Look at the front and raised his arms,
hands, fingertip straight to the stretch.
Your right heel and left foot to the touch
and back to its original state, This, the 10th, perform,.
Maple knee, similar to the other side of the run.
Central sides to the upper body is reasonably stimulation,
and the burning of fat,.
High, and also TSUDZUKERE month, the fat side down,
Pretty upper body. Exercise is also a bust, chest,
the lining of options.
Shoulder, fatigue, and the elimination of the expected.
The cat is back, and watch from behind,
especially in far-gone feeling tired, Looks. Moreover,
the cat is back, shoulders, tired, or may cause,
such as back pain,
Back to the neutral position of the spine,
after the appearance, clean, Exercise is a better posture,
as well as Shoulder, fatigue, back pain and improve effectiveness,.
Open arms to the shoulders,
both knees with a drop to all fours. At the time,
his head was down. Lift up the spine more, keep 5 seconds.
Lower spine, neck lift, and still, keep 5 seconds.
This, the fifth run. Strain has been straightening the spine,
spine-like straight stretch, Also, shoulders,
back, hips better circulation, Shoulder, fatigue,
back pain, and resolve. Hardened muscles of the shoulder,
lost fat, skinny arms and effect.
At least, exercise daily, continue.



Following last, from the basic stance, get started.
Sit-ups, do the upper side of the head and stretched,
Soft image, and come to wake up.
Neck and shoulders out of power for the junk heap,
and relax, 5 to 6 times, please continue.
From the basic stance,
demanding, please count on both hands to his head.
Raise the arm strength to please. Scapula,
more OSHIRI down, neck, shoulder, as well relax, Slowly,
breathe through the nose.
Spit breath, sit up, raising the pelvic floor muscles,
It stretched to the upper body and head,
the top of his head,
It is a wake-up points will be the lower body,
It toe, catching, like, Spit his breath,
according to the upper back, upper body had remained,
Alternately bending both legs stretched please.
Especially pelvis, it is important firmly stabilize.
Remember that the West, HINERANAI Be careful,
Ahead of the long stretch, please consciousness,
5 to 6 times guide, GANBARIMASHOU.
From the basic stance, legs,
and pin in the direction of extending the toe,
right foot up, Both sides of the knee, with both hands,
be sure, Knee, as SHIGAMITSUKANAI, please.
In addition, the pelvis from slouching,
also focus on the important.
Spit breath, sit up, left foot 45 degree oblique angle up,
Firmly stretch.
Toe the straight direction ago,
when the pelvic floor muscles,
Always continue to raise the fuselage and stability to please.
Caused the upper left, to draw breath, spit,
right and left foot to change,
This KURIKAESHI about 5 to 6 times,
up to 45-degree angle, Difficult, it is up high,
you can make it easier.
Well, a little bit, it will be difficult,
will join in the upper body twists, Increasingly,
in a loose sense to the pelvis;
Consciousness and do, if possible,
Inside the belly muscles in the image so that he can be.
Basic stance and the back of his hands over his head,
left knee bent up,
Toe of the left foot in the direction
of the straight stretch attitude from the start,
Breathe smoke, spit, left elbow,
right knee to twist direction,
Left foot, 45-degree angle to the direction of stretch.
Inhale and spit and return to starting position,
The other side also. At this time,
the shoulder and the elbow,
rather than around the body,
twist it, Aware of is important.
KURIKAESHITARA influenced five to six times,
slowly, go back to the basic stance.
Prone state from the air to fly, image, we sit up,
Operation. Back, the stomach,
muscles, use the same time, the line is back, Pean.
Momentum with the cause,
rather than to head back towards the Develop,
conduct, which, five to six times please.
the basic attitude is the opportunity offers sidebone
on the floor as possible, pubis, On the floor, in doing so,
the nature and the bellybutton, Be away from the floor,
so please check.
If possible, and a towel on the ground, face,
fully prone position, Become better.
Breathe smoke, spit, sit up, scapula,
Bellybutton direction of the cut at the same time back,
stretch out, Away from the head on the floor.
Slight body forward, we look for growth, image,
as Spit breath while going back to the original state, please.
Morning, when you get up to the recommendations
of the stretch.
Growing body of the mean systemic air into the breathing.
Sciatic under the heel in place, SUTE to sit on the floor,
arms still, Before stretching, spinal column (backbone),
while growing, and slowly bend,
Before knocking down the stretch KITTARA,
inhale and big, big vomit, KURIKAESHIMASU,
each exhale, stretch the body,
DAIJI. Suction big breath
and heaves a deep breath and slowly, Sit up,
on the pelvis, spine, each one carefully,
Go after seeing the image, finally, causing the neck,
above the heel, Sciatic,
but to make the return to the stance sit on the floor.
Think it's normal movement, the effect is not available,
please note. Normal muscle training,
the muscles on the surface of the body (superficial muscle),
Train. This, training,
the muscle behind the body (deep muscle),
Conscious of the.
If the surface is strongly muscle Well,
I lost my chance to show the depth of muscle,
increasingly thin, In the event.
Moving to the larger body of the movement up and effects,
but I tend, Conversely big move, the body is not stable,
Have begun working away from the surface
of muscle please note.
Movement, from inside the body, feeling, a sense,
very, important.



Healthy diet,
based on the impossible without a healthy, diet,
Pursue that right?
So, today, Exercise healthy dietthe referral.
Daily walks, shape, position, or bust?
That person, a good attitude and smart,
kind of cool to me. Drift by, it is said,?
If not found, as you have said, let us work hard. First,
the pelvis, a sense of stability, as then, Spine, as a pin,
to be good attitude.
There's always a sense of stability
and a sense of movement and balance to the body,
Like to stay if the Pelvic distortion has been improved,
going from bad posture, fatigue, Shoulder pain,
and to eliminate the effects ARAWARERU. Naturally,
to be able to continue if the entire body, or skeleton,
Muscle balance, the better, and with it,
Also good to the visceral workings.
One's daily rhythm in the optimal balance of natural posture,
Wearing. In addition,
respiration and movement as a whole,
such as muscle movement, and consciousness,
His body, the invisible portion of the image can be,
In the heart of the body, a single, brand-like muscles,
bones clean, It will represent the family.
Body balance is right, unnecessary, meats, fadeaway.
Breathing, and make sure the exercise,
but also requires patience, In the head and body,
understand and if possible, to allow a smooth,.
Exercise all the while spitting breath,
Posture, breathing, the muscles of the spine,
all the focus on doing.
The basic stance of the bed go backward,
with his knee and back foot, floor opportunity offers,
Sidebone left and right, pubic three points to the floor
to keep it from the horizontal,
Sciatic the floor to note that just as long,
Curvature of the spine without the S-shaped curve,
Palms on the arm, under his fingers,
long legs stretched direction, Next to the body naturally.
Breathing the breath from the nose,
slowly draw the rib (trick-oh wait),
And the right and left,
back side, as wide, into the air feels, When the tummy,
as FUKURAMANAI, please note.
Enough to draw breath from the mouth spit breath,
Pelvic floor muscles, raise upward.
If women are inferior to right trouser zipper,
Feeling up,
and pubic sidebone,
triangle is to be maintained or horizontal,
Hands over to the lower abdomen, always check please.
Inhale deeply, breathe and spit, perform basic.
This method of breathing,
the muscles tighten and strengthen internal organs,
Up metabolism and leads.
Tips are not normally never use,
such as pelvic floor muscle, the latissimus dorsi muscle,
Conscious. Draw breath,
stretching back to his body feeling grows, Do it. Slow,
deep breathing, so that as well, you can relax,
Relieve stress, and available, I guess. Even a little bit,
it is going to continue every day, is important. First,
the spine (vertebrae) to move to smooth out the exercise.
Accordingly, the balance is good skeleton,
and to return to the correct position, It can be?
Then go backward, to take basic stance,
breathe slowly draw the following,
Spit breath while raising the pelvic floor muscles
(Waist up, knee, shoulder, so that the straight)
TEI bone from the spine to the floor away from each one.
In the middle of the shoulder blades, the balance
can be taken up to the increase.
Breathe a little smoke,
and spit again, to restore basic stance.
Back, one by one, while growing, slowly, undo,
The point is that the back foot, floor-to leave a note,
This, five to six times the run continues.
Yet, this stretch of the exercise,
but some do not The next time,
the coverage of the story.



Diet and butt, impact, not to me.
Renaming the Hip Hip diet.
Hi. I muscle, and not use the DARANTO invisible?
And buttocks. This, I understand, and back pain,
cause cats back, now.
Buttock muscles, effective training,
as well as lower body,
Vasto upbeat, beautiful hourglass waist,
Hip-ideally, get one swoop. Seriously -- 1,
and I once, and the place is only 44 seconds,
It is a hip-hip-diet. You are on a daily basis,
Lee used muscles, hardened? Muscles,
and do not use the function becomes impaired.
Such as lack of exercise, muscle strength,
SHIDAINI weakened the muscles, Down, down, heading.
Gravity, KANAIMASEN. Most, it is noticeable,
in the buttocks muscles, not in the flurry.
Buttock muscle, but toward the bottom,
supporting the buttocks and lower back muscles,
Scream, you behave. As a result, low back pain, and induce.
Now, even among young women, said to be increasing,
MORE urine contribute to the buttocks,
muscle weakness, publicized. Buttocks muscles
and decreases the pelvic floor muscles
will be weak also, Pelvic floor muscles,
which support the weight of the internal organs,
is the important part.
Also, an important feature is the opening
and closing of the urethra, Related to the muscles.
The pelvic floor muscles, and the features are falling,
Also, buttocks, lying on the side, visually, is not good.
Buttocks and drops in the lower body, but look fat.
Himself in the invisible,
I get it, From the eyes of the people, may be tough,
be. And your glutes and training.
Standing in the sort of natural, before his right leg,
left foot out in front, Right foot, the heel, up,
chest covering the body to stretch forward looking,
Buttocks, KYUTTO, such as mains, I feel. The state,
keep place 11 seconds. And the state from the left,
very slowly,
Rotate the upper body collection and TOMEMASHOU,
And the state keep about 11 seconds left. Similarly,
the front and back foot for a change, let's work hard.
Standing in the sort of natural, before left foot,
right foot out in front, Left foot, the heel, up,
chest covering the body to stretch forward looking,
Buttocks, KYUTTO, such as mains, I feel.
The state, keep place 11 seconds.
And from the state, the right direction, very slowly,
Rotate the upper body collection and TOMEMASHOU,
And the state keep about 11 seconds left. Now, one set,
about 44 seconds.
Muscular strength, it is better, if possible,
I gave earlier, Back pain, urinary incontinence,
including symptoms, and can be improved, I think.
Buttock, muscle strength is up, if the right thing,
Hip-up will also be effective, we do.
Chest, jut before a pose, unconsciously,
Bust up the effects.
Furthermore, around the hips, waist, KYUTTO, squeeze me,
Should be.
Every day, every day, if executed, Chang cat is back,
SUTTO, NOBIYAKA, Will be improved.


Yogurt diet I ever heard, to do Easy to do, I listen.
Lack of time and money, pour 1 leprosy yogurt,
I put this?
Fasting, but I do. Yogurt.
Once a month,Weekends only effect is perfect.
Fasting to accustom weekend, the good thing there.
CHOTTO, from the preamble, acknowledged.
During the past few decades,
the modern diet changed significantly.
24-hour convenience stores,
restaurants and the ATARIMAE.
Anytime, anywhere,
even when they want to eat and I thought,
like, Age can eat now, but this is convenient,
Require intestinal own head than the body
it is an undesirable situation, Also create soup.
Our ancestors era, no food were not unusual.
Therefore, the extra energy, stored as fat,
Less food and ingenuity to maintain life, and has been.
The food situation has changed now,
the body is similar to what I ate,
Laboriously visceral fat and subcutaneous fat as a reserve.
As a result, obesity and lifestyle diseases,
it is connected with the errors.
So, too much work to the rest of the bowels,
to reset the body's functioning,
Restore the original thin tendency
can be Petit fasting diet of yogurt.
GI Normally, in 48 hours, Kara,.
The two-day (48 hours) to take yogurt and water,
The body of accumulated toxins out of the fasting points.
Only a dime alone,
fasting diet system,
the muscles needed for the body to drop, Rebound,
it gets invited, This way, only to reduce visceral fat,
dieting necessary, Vitamins, minerals, protein,
can also take it. And the short period of two days,
and people are busy weekend will be able to use.
Yogurt reason to use the good bacteria
in the intestine that FUYASU, Intestinal environment,
in order to improve, it is essential, Good bacterium,
called enteric bacteria. Stress and aging,
and many other reasons,
that do ill, Advantage tilted bad bacteria in the intestine,
yogurt and lactic acid, Bifidobacteria,
good bacterium advantage to change the formula.
Next, include yogurt, protein and minerals minutes,
Without losing muscle,
fat burning nutrients necessary
for the safety compensates for the Healthy diet,
you can. Finally, we need some chewing yogurt,
Ate the brain, giving a feeling of satisfaction,
stress hungry, YAWARAGE me, IUMASU.
During the fasting day,
about 2 L of the carbonated drink water.
Stimulate metabolism and the number of toilets
and FUERU sweating,
Toxins to be firmly off the water supply is plenty mess.
Carbonated water is a common gastrointestinal state,
and want the feeling of fullness also obtained.
Temporary state of famine,
NAMAKETA stimulate the body, Usually asleep,
the power of life and pull it. Also sensitive to the taste
and diet change also will be motivated.
Petit fasting diet yogurt to the health of the weekend,
while enjoying the Please run.
Hunger is already from the night before, started there.
Is a light meal, Japanese and the moderate diet, please.
500 g pack of yogurt = 1
100% vegetable juice…… L 2
2 bowls of rice gruel cup…… ……
Carbonated mineral water about 4 L
Miso soup (Ku)…… two servings ……
Moderate amount of lemon juice

Friday night
1 cup elbow minutes without Koo miso soup and rice gruel.

Saturday night day Sunday morning noon
About 100 g yogurt and soy milk (or vegetable juice)
200 to 400 ml
(1, 1.5 to 2 L carbonated water once each drink about 300 ml)
(In addition to fat burning lemon juice up)

Sunday night
1 cup elbow minutes without Koo miso soup and rice gruel.
1, 1.5 to 2 L of carbon per 300 ml of water long sip.
In addition to burning fat lemon juice up

Monday morning
1 cup elbow minutes without Koo miso soup and rice gruel.

Monday noon From here on, always OK No wonder normal diet.
So please work hard.



Be slim diet diet.
Site be slim, Number 1 is the lower body.
But how to massage, and hard to lose some weight,
I have experience, you point, and the navel.
First, navel, focus, and deep breaths
and then Foot massage can work wonders on thin legs.
Trial is the first step today.
Centered around the navel
and belly part of the systemic blood 1 / 3 is always flowing,
Important location.
Therefore, the waistline is part of the blood stream,
if the bad blood will roil, in terms of beauty,
such as dull its skin, Trouble is happening.
The metabolism for the worse, harder or thin, or fat.
Also had an impact on the spiritual, there is some trouble,
and frustrating, This part of the blood flow for the worse,
and the belly is tight. In fact,
the night of insomnia patients sleepless belly,
It has been hard.
According to Oriental medicine,
the diagnosis of abdominal examination method,
a belly SAWARI,
Which is part of the KATAI depending on the body
where you feel bad, Examine ways.
How the entire body is healthy for the waistline
or TAISETSU talk show.
Ideally, the state's waistline, the baby's belly.
Soft, but a palm-pressing, though, is a flexible,
That ideal is the state's waistline. Soft because it is right,
in GUNYAGUNYA you. KATAI waistline, you.
Proverb, look for a wife at your face,
but look at the belly, rather about the waistline,
KATAI women, tend to get irritated,
and that many people are GISUGISU.
Women are soft belly, mentally relaxed,
and Many people were friendly.
Therefore, a soft belly up,
what do I do?
Featured is a part of your navel,
deep breaths to conduct hands on the.
Again palms, put on your navel, Press breath and spit,
breathe smoke, a FUKURAMASEMASHOU waistline.
This, as set 1, 7 to 8 sets, perform,
Simple operation of the soft belly is, Feel, relax,. Night,
sleepless and when,
you want to relax, and do it effectively.
in addition to deep breaths to perform foot massage,
as well as blood, Fluid flow that will be good.
Fluid flow in the feet, legs,
under the portion of the gathering,
And pelvic lymph from the intestine to the collection,
merging in one place.
That "cisterna chyli (YUUBISOU)",
located just above the bellybutton,
It joined the lymph lower body, chest, neck and flow,
Ultimately, tap into the vein.
Bellybutton, trustworthy hands, and do deep breathing,
and Cisterna chyli confluence of lymphatic flow
can be active.
Confluence well after the flow of the stream there,
Fluid flow to the lower body and foot massage do well,
So everything is flowing smoothly, Part of the belly,
blood and lymph flow, in addition to better effect,
Swelling of feet of proportion and feet have less advantages.
Of the day,
when you can go, but before I go to bed at night
and perform effectively. Navel, put his hands again,
a deep breath and slowly,
This, 7 to 8 times. Cisterna chyli soft to the foot massage,
Lymphatic, flow well.



Rapid weight diet is down, attention! By diet,
rapid weight down,
Suddenly I heard my voice is a strange,
Diseases develop ear canal open because
there is a possibility that need attention.
You will be OK… Hey, this time around,
Put an explanation, let's talk.
Introduced as a way of the ear and sound,
the sound of ordinary people is introduced,
the eardrum to vibrate.
Ossicular eardrum vibrations are amplified in the cochlea
and auditory ossicles, Vibration is introduced,
in the cochlear fluid acoustic vibration,
As a sound check,
which was introduced
in the usual air conduction of sound is called. Air conduction,
and the tympanic membrane disease is the change
in the way I heard,
Otological examination of the changes
from outside the eardrum.
Otitis media, the change in the tympanic membrane.
Own voice recorded sound is different, why?
His voice is a matter of record, too, not me,
But mobile phone answering machine, for example,
self-recorded voice,
And ask, but he heard her voice heard Unlike imitation,
The reason is the self-voice,
bone conduction through the eardrum does not say,
Sound each other directly to the cochlea, the part.
Own voices,
air conduction bone conduction to bring together
in the sound.
Next, the ear canal, on the story, Such as skyscrapers,
and the rise in high-speed elevators,
Feeling of fullness in the ear,
will be the time to swallow saliva, disappears ear,
the ear canal is usually closed,
and open outside the eardrum,
Tympanic adjusted the air pressure.
Tympanic pressure regulation
of the ear canal's role in the first, second,
Tympanic from the role as a waste of piping.
Children, the eustachian tube is shorter than adults,
are inclined slack in terms of the order,
Inflammation of the ear canal
from the tympanic spread to the cause
of otitis media easily,
Otitis media, the ear canal stenosis is prone,
Ear canal stenosis from the ear canal open
to migrate to disease.
self voice of the eustachian tube is usually closed;
Sound through the ear canal, tympanic has not arrived,
however, Eustachian tube opening
in the person's own voice from the vocal cords,
because the ear canal is open,
Tympanic others arrived in the tympanic
and from the eardrum to vibrate. Therefore air conduction,
bone conduction of sound from the ear canal with a mix heard it.
When it is not loud,
sound and ear nose and breathing through a tube,
Tympanic arrived. Original sound inaudible breath sounds,
as it is troubling. Eustachian tube opening disease diagnosis,
it may be difficult.
tube opening characteristic symptoms of the disease,
Emphasizing self-voice, my breathing sounds ringing ears,
two. And stoop next to the ear canal
and is temporarily closed because the symptoms are lighter.
This disease is characterized by the
opening of the eustachian tube in a while, ears,
boils down to a feeling, But recognition ear canal stenosis,
distinctive thing. Ear disease rather,
I think that the hearing test,
In the ear canal is usually disease free hearing test,
It is a big anomaly is not accepted,
Diseases of the ear canal open,
the opening of the eustachian tube is about individuals,
Always open to that conclusion.
Conversely at the opening
of the eustachian tube is not for the ear canal stenosis
and it is also being diagnosed,
Often, also, as previously mentioned,
from the ear canal stenosis,
Eustachian tube may become open.
The final test of the ear canal becomes necessary.
Also, the eustachian tube stereoscopic imaging
also been tried.
Rapid opening of the eustachian tube of the diet-disease care.
Diseases caused by the opening
of the eustachian tube is not clear,
but the chronic otitis media,
Ear canal stenosis after the opening
of the eustachian tube may also be a disease,
If this happens regularly,
otological examination being so many things,
Changes in subjective symptoms, a doctor, say,
can be found MARIMASU.
Opening of the eustachian tube is a point many women,
has become a particular problem, Women's crash diet,
after the opening of the eustachian tube of the disease.
Weight by dieting down along
with the surrounding tissue of the ear canal,
It decreased. No, the success of the diet,
ear disease that causes you not think,
They tend to be diagnosed late, so.
Successful weight down to the delight after,
I heard the sound of it is,
if you change the otological examination by the people there.



Low body temperature, gain weight, age,
Triple punches, undergo the IKENAIRASHII.
Now, health, is a target? For example,
a temperature drop of 1 degree
and… 12 percent decrease in basal metabolic
⇒ to spread more easily,
About 40 percent are immune to the disease
and make ⇒,
Also on the work of cells decreased turnovers
⇒ other words, Reincarnation skin is slower
and more far-gone. Downright a scary story.
Moreover, recently,
an increasing number of people hypothermia on it.
First of all,
to say that categorically describe temperature,
in a day, while sleeping,
Morning and night and the difference is likely.
Naturally, the cycles of temperature change,
and the morning low, most evenings, Higher.
As a measure of temperature, measured in the armpit,
More than 36.0 degrees C awakening Evening
(4:00 pm or later) than 36.5 degrees C It is, generally.
O you, you know, cold temperatures
and the relationship is, and what it's like,
Cold temperatures,
the center of the body
to protect the cold outside the state,
Hypothermic signals.
Rather, it is necessary to note that the center
of the body is cold, that is. In other words,
the cold temperatures without awareness,
as mentioned earlier, to measure body temperature,
People below, oblivious of the need attention,
The constitution has been! , And the cause is a chilly,
two factors. The drop in temperature as a factor Heat,
but do not. Use muscles, muscle mass is low,
Muscle activities, thermogenic lessened.
Unable to maintain the heat.
Heat is produced by the cell,
to be carried by the blood throughout the body,
The autonomic control is a blood vessel dilation
and contraction,
As a result of the release of heat to maintain control.
Irregular life stress,
the activity of the autonomic nervous,
MIDASU, Heat to maintain, lose control. Chilly,
how to prevent the thinking part. First, regular diet.
Diet, digestion and absorption by the GI movement,
the heat produced. Especially,
most of a day's low temperature in the morning,
take breakfast, Need to raise body temperature quickly.
Among ingredient, is recommended, garlic,
onion, green onion Long, RAKKYOU, Chive, etc.
First of all, liliaceae plant contained,
hot flavor component of the sulfur compounds
and Production of thermal activation up.
Pat, float, vegetable soup. Instant soup,
chopped green onion into OK alone. This,
in a busy morning, even when there is no appetite, great.
Hypothermia as a fundamental factor in the weakness,
such as disturbance of the autonomic nervous,
These measures, that some nasal breathing,
has been good. Moving in nasal breathing,
the diaphragm is surrounded by dense
and autonomic nervous, Nasal breathing,
the diaphragm stimulation by the autonomic disturbance,
As close to normal rat.
Nasal breathing, weakness of the measures including,
Healthy diet, exercise, suggestions.
Walking up the nasal breathing. And the point is,
is a half-sitting posture,
the position,
Easily daily decline in the psoas,
the muscles around the pelvis, Added, but it takes.
Nasal breathing, as a way, to draw breath,
to inflate the belly,
Spit breath, belly dent his hands before ejection,
Posture and stability, step by step slowly around 4,
behind, please. Easy.
Conduct morning is the best it is about five minutes,
please continue.
Kung experiment, according to the data,
these will continue for a week,
Heat recovery and decrease body fat and weight loss,
the results are very good,
there. You too, to warm up the body.

Asitaba_diet_ Alzheimer's_treatment

Asitaba as has been the efficacy
of the Alzheimer type dementia,
Effective prevention and treatment.
Is the key to the nerve growth factor
(NGF: Nerve Growth Factor) Said to be of substance.
NGF is related to the maintenance
of nerve cell protein production,
Cranial nerve function recovery,
and the antioxidant activity in the brain.
However, due to the large amount of NGF molecule
in the blood-brain barrier, It is passed, not.
So small molecular weight substances,
but is expected to use the Unfortunately,
so far none have been found, Issues such as side effects
and is practical to the point. Recent studies,
NGF stimulate the production of this action,
Tomorrow edible chrysanthemum leaves and flowers,
such as zedoary (purple turmeric),
We have close to a plant that has been identified.
In particular, leaves tomorrow is 15 to 20 times
more action to stimulate the production of NGF,
It has been confirmed.
Seri many of the plants contained the compound of four,
Coumarin compounds, one thing is clear-chroman,
The doctor and other foods, is expected to be used.
Tomorrow leaves, rich in fiber. Textile plants
and the five food ingredients訂said,
Human digestive enzymes, not resolved, the overall food,
That. Sources of energy to the good old days,
and do a whole lot, I have been told,
the recent carbohydrate, lipid, protein, Vitamins,
minerals after the sixth nutrients said to be so,
The most important thing is that, by the discovery.
TOKERU fiber in water, "water-soluble dietary fiber,
" Water insoluble "insoluble dietary fiber,"
divided into the Soluble fiber as a major work,
the lower the level of blood sugar, Lower cholesterol,
arteriosclerosis and the prevention of gallstones,
Enteric bacteria to increase the good guys are making.
Insoluble fiber, such as work to relieve constipation,
These are the substances cancer,
it will be eliminated from the body,
Very important work. Dietary fiber,
vegetables and beans, and includes a lot of seaweed.
Such fiber is a good job,
If you eat a lot of good and I think,
but, Excessive intake of supplements
and can cause diarrhea.
So with water, draining precious minerals
in the Conversely and mineral deficiency that may be,
need attention.
The amount of daily intake goals, 20 g adult men,
adult women and about 17 g. Tomorrow leaves
and other vegetables contain fiber,
and take advantage of, A healthy body,
under the asitaba healthy diet, Seek.



First, it asitaba, to a. Kara.
Japan for the start asitaba of the food,
it dates back to the Edo period,
Hatizyouzima said to be from.
At the time, as a herb, it was used,
asitaba ( chalcone),
Parsley plant many years in the department,
other Hatizyouzima, Ise Islands have been cultivated.
TSUYOKU is very life force, putting in today,
but soon the day after, Shoots will emerge from it
"leaves tomorrow," was named.
Tomorrow field off stalks
and other plant parsley Department has seen,
Yellow soup trip.
Daily volume is a measure of inoculation especially
not been decided, as a dietary supplement,
Blue and other granular juice,
capsule-like supplements,
Similarly feel free inoculation.
Basically, the leaves and stems and cook,
eat the leafy vegetable. And tea and juice, sesame,
OHITASHI, Chinese, Natto, tofu salad,
meat dumplings, spring roll, SHUUMAI,
TENPURA, kofta, udon, By the hot loading,
chocolate, Sweets are many,
including doughnuts and used.
Powder to be sold, easily can be used for cooking,
Also, as a powder cosmetics
and other handmade soap and shampoo,
Beauty products are also used.
Thus all kinds of daily necessities
to penetrate the leaves tomorrow
, Search on the Internet, many sites exist,
Mail order companies, but by a lot of business,
asitaba, the popular language.
And stalk off the field tomorrow,
the Department of parsley other plants
have not seen the yellow juice trip.
This liquid is "chalcone" a valuable component
of the body rust prevention, Rich in other,
Many vitamin and mineral fiber-containing amino acid.
In recent years,
effective measures cellulite is to be expected,
as a valuable ingredient, Attracting attention.
Leaves tomorrow, the health food group and say,
the body is healthy, Real diet, basic.



Daily diet, think about it.
Is the purpose of a natural diet,
It must be the calories, in and out. Calorie intake
and calorie consumption, if not equal,
The answer is zero.
Calorie intake is 3000 2000, Left in 1000.
This, and the rest, but built up. YASEYOU think,
and the number of meals to reduce the amount,
Translation consider.
However, to reduce meal diet,
To reduce weight and the same time, not less,
To reduce the risk of bone and muscle.
This is due to the body to destroy the diet,
In the event. Basic, three meals a day,
regularly and drink.
Time is eating three meals,
5 to 6 hours to vacate if the Nosh to prevent
the burning of body fat that should be available.
It is important, a good breakfast and drink.
Many eat breakfast in the day's activities in energy,
It can be consumed, body fat,
So poorly stored in the morning and a lot is safe to eat.
Featured breakfast menu includes
many of the ingredients into the soup,
Cooked, after a few side dishes at the goods,
Why? Basically, balanced, Meals, as a. As for diet,
be slim, the meals, Tend idea, but However,
this is the stomach and intestinal absorption
and enhance it,
Then when you eat, YOKEI energy, I try to absorb it,
rather than spread easier.
Also important is the allocation of the daily food intake.
And later in the evening, who lies less physical,
I just go to bed, The amount of dinner,
the less need there.
As a guide in the morning
and 5: day 3: balance of the evening 2,
Good. In particular,
the breakfast is firmly balanced nutrition,
Eat, take. Again, the daily calorie, intake
and consumption, So please calculation, Intake,
is every day, every day,
more and by the accumulation, Only.
Three meals a day and the balance of the calories,
check out the Of a long-lasting, healthy diet and fun.



Thin and be slim, the people are many.
Diet, diet, like spells.
The number on the scale is decreasing and happy,
Try one foot up voluntarily, and the numbers down,
not, Look at the meter.
What to do…, spell the diet is a sad.
The original purpose of a healthy diet to become thin
and And it will continue to do is important. First
"slimming" that the "excess body fat to reduce"
Do that.
The main component of the human body is water,
solid, fat. The percentage component of the balance,
it is changing rapidly, Body, affects, in some cases,
the adverse effects of the brain is also total.
Nothing, rapid changes in the negative. In a week,
minus seven kilograms, or Killer!
This is a broken body,
and the muscles are being consumed,
I rebounds and the thin difficult to
return to the constitution,
In the event. , "Obesity" is a lack of exercise
and eating too much,
This is a higher proportion of fat to say,
The body is thin and looks even more fat
"Obesity" that. Aimed at health,
diet and the rate of body fat,
To revert to normal.
Body fat is the fat cells in the sugar obtained
from food and Fat,
which could not be held in consumption,
Left behind by the accumulation of decomposition.
Fat cells and body fat are more
or less deeply concerned, As the body's balance,
memory, and the changes have been difficult.
If you aim for a diet, first to reduce body fat,
Goal. Daily caloric intake, caloric consumption,
rather than small, Minus.
This, in light of daily meals, We shall talk.



Dumbbell exercises are easy to do at home as
a popular exercise.
Using dumbbells can be easily performed.
Often with little spare time movable body,
as a suitable size dumbbell, and ready, you can try.
Women, the bust will be up and bust up as gymnastics,
to us, we might look at, or better, I think.
Pectoralis major train by using dumbbell exercises,
such as push-ups, rather than easier to develop the
muscles of the chest,
and you can bust up and the effect has been obtained.
It is important, a little bit,
too, continue to cherish every day.
Dumbbell exercise calorie consumption itself,
that is not so high. Dumbbell exercises,
to increase muscle mass
and basal metabolic effects have up to the
appropriate diet and exercise has been made.
In fact, the bust-up exercises, dumbbell use items.
Dumbbell exercises in the use of the muscles
which it is done with an eye on the effect
have been told Ito Yasu.
One of the operations performed by the muscles
where it is running well and good observation.
After using a dumbbell exercise,
do not forget to moisturize!
Beverage can be the favorite, relaxing effective,
such as herbal tea, emotionally, the better.
Seem calories,
natural mineral-laden water are also recommended.
Continue to do every day,
all of the good effect of preference.
As one point, when the water supply,
mineral water, but how to drink,
mineral water to the mouth, while several times, chewed,
please try,
The digestive system,
such as the weak side in the stomach and harder.



Bust up gymnastics, and bust up the beautiful bust line for gymnastics. People ages and fall under the bust. Bust up in a gym every day and bust tightening of the muscles surrounding the bust-up with the effects of diet. Bust up with the most effective and there are many exercises, which is also in the methods used and exercises, push-ups and talking to the people there. This used to bust up the gym and bust support has been the cornerstone of muscle, the pectoralis major muscle to explore outside of the breast to a rich and Hari and bust me up for gymnastics. First, phone book and a little like thick comic books, preparing books. And standing ramrod-straight pin, a book in his hands, succeeding the journaling. The angle at the elbow, about 90 degrees while maintaining its breath and spit 10 to 20 seconds, equal power in both hands to push strongly suit. If the book around the scrum if not just hand it is good, if this is not use his hands together in front of chest, the same elbow angle of about 90 degrees while maintaining its breath heaves 10 to 20 seconds while the power in both hands equally strong suit Press. This, repeated 5 times, 5 times per set, three times a day is said to be effective. Firmly continue daily, and the effect of diet and bust-up effect, but apparently it together. Next, push-ups as a bust-up exercise, let's help. First, arms bent at 90 degrees, and horizontal to the ground as well. Breath and chest heaves and slowly bring it before.                             If you are able to stick to the arm and resting after five seconds, and slowly return. Preferably a day, 10 times to 30 times more to be said to be effective. "The push-ups are a little too tight," who is on the table, including the one hand, push-ups and oblique, kneel in the dark about the stand, it seems, the effect is to be expected, first let's start from there. If it continues to do push-ups, pectoralis major train can be healthy diet and bust-up effect, expected. Let us work hard.


Hi, this is a carbohydrate diets, you later. First, 90 grams of the story, but If you look at the United States and try the case in the United States 1, about 160 grams, MUSU, in the state of rice, 350 grams, and the total, Moisture content is 70 percent. Calories 500 calories. Moreover, the total amount of carbohydrates in the United States, 75 percent, so Registration is 1 carbohydrate rice, 120 grams much. The remaining 25% is usually said, lipid protein, and water. Side dishes, and eat without worry, it is said, Eating, and healthy, so negative, moderately-looking statements. Vegetables and side dishes, the carbohydrate is, of course included, so 90 grams from the negative Do. However, another report said, the brain is needed daily said, The minimum amount of carbohydrate is typically 1 hour, 5 grams said, 24 hours a day, 120 grams. I want the rice is a case of carbohydrates, 120 grams, Vegetables and side dishes, the amount of carbohydrate, calculated out, If rice per day to 1, if ingested, carbohydrate intake, it will be met. 120 grams, or 1 if you think it was, , Which, by the implementation of the story, you delivered. 3 months diet programs. Start at the time, weight 55 kg, 155 centimeters tall, I think, at this point, diet, and without any need for thought, Three months later, 45 kg, and the own goal No wonder it is, 40 kg for a period of time to lose weight. The diet is based, of course, the amount of carbohydrate, and saves, In addition, between snacks such as candy, without hustle. The syndrome rice to eat into the intolerantly, Over eating out, and I rebounds. Bulimia to be a very, difficult, and the next day I was eating too much, Limit the amount of the reasonable range,. Minimum, the amount of carbohydrate intake, secure, Daily intake is over when, in two days, and coordination. Furthermore, the balance and if the three days, four days and, Adjustment. Carbohydrate diets, but basic, healthy diet, so Meals, three times a day, be sure to take basic and Impossible without the time to eat, eat, and some days, Adjust to the Learn. But sweets, it is not eat at night, that's fine. After the oil is the YOSHITA better, I think. The latest of this month, excuse me.